5 Best Free Video Editor Software for Windows

If you were previously familiar with Windows Movie Maker as a free Windows native video editor, then it’s time to say goodbye to him.

After nearly two decades of actively filling various versions of Windows, Microsoft finally decided to retire this free video editor software in 2017.

Many of us are missing out on it, but there are probably many who have abandoned it and turned to more sophisticated video editor software.

For those of you who are looking for an alternative to Windows Movie Maker, there are so many free video editing software out there that you can use on your Windows device.

In this article, the following 5 best free video editor software for Windows that you can use immediately:

1. Ezvid
Ezvid is better known as screen capture than a video editor software, but the features contained in it can also be used for video editing purposes.

There is also a feature to record audio to make your editing process more complex. Or if you’re interested in adding some effects to your videos, Ezvid also provides some effects to enhance your videos.

2. Shotcut
Shotcut is a free and open-source video editing software for Windows and can also be used for Mac and even Linux platforms.

Because this software uses a codec that is independent, you can use the files it generates in cross platform or OS.

The features available inside Shotcut include simple trimming, cutting video, copy-paste, using mute, hide and locking features, and undo and redo history.

Also equipped with various keyboard shortcut combinations that will speed up your workflow.

3. Story
Many of us who still do not maximize the use of Windows Store an often ignore it. In fact, there are a number of free video editor software that we can try in the Windows Store.

It’s just that indeed, most applications contained in the Windows Store have a UI display that is less good, less stable, and contains too many ads.

However, Story can be spelled out differently than most apps in the Windows Store. With this video editor, we can make movies from some photos and videos with additional music choice.

The features available on Story are actually similar to Google Photos on iOS or Android.

We only need to import photos or videos into Story and add preferred music that we like, then edit a bit as desired and export it into a video file.

4. Animotica
Animotica video editing applications can also be downloaded free from the Windows Store and very suitable for use on your Windows PC.

Your videos and photos can be edited together with a touch of transition effects and a variety of other visual effects. The colors can also be adjusted, as well as the accelerating effect with frame slowing.

5. Filmora Video Editor
In this list, Filmora Video Editor is the only paid video editing software, but you can still try it free with the Free Trial scheme.

This software offers complete features compared to others. Its use is very easy. You can customize the video material with timeline and make it easy to place images and audio into it.

Filmora Video Editor is suitable for beginners as well as those who are used to video editing, because its feature is very complete and easy to use.

Well, that’s 5 free video editor software that you can try now. Because video content is now more popular and highly effective as a marketing content, you certainly need some video content to promote your business.

Free video editor software above will certainly be a very useful solution for you. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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