How to Upload Photos to Instagram Through Computer or Laptop Without Software

For now, coupled with social media classmates Facebook and Youtube, Instagram became one of the most popular and most used social media.

Social media is very popular, especially among young people, where the simplicity of appearance and usage becomes one of the aspects that make it so loved.

The majority of us, myself and you, may almost every day open this app, anywhere and anytime.

In addition to showing the best photos, social media is also not spared from the utilization in terms of business.

It’s just that not everyone likes to do everything with smartphones that have ‘limitations’ in usage, including the affairs of uploading photos to Instagram.
The use of computers or laptops are often considered to provide an opportunity to be more ‘free’ in doing a thing, especially in the digital era like today.

Well, for those of you who are more often deal with computers or laptops in everyday activities but still prefer to play Instagram primarily to upload photos to Instagram, this tutorial is certainly very useful for you.

How to upload photos to Instagram via computer or laptop is actually very simple. If you’ve known that you’ve even applied various methods using the help of additional software, this time you will know how to upload photos to Instagram via computer or laptop without the help of additional special software.

Forget additional software like Bluestack, Gramblr, and other emulators. You only need to use software that has been familiar to you. Interested, right? I’m sure you have so far been interested to know how.

1. Set up Google Chrome
The software we use in the tutorial is Google Chrome. Certainly already very familiar to you, is not it? You may even use Google Chrome as your default browser. (Download Google Chrome if you have not already used it)

2. Login to your Instagram Account
Open Chrome and open Instagram website, then please login into your account as usual.

How to Upload Photos to Instagram Through Computer or Laptop Without Software – 1




3. Take advantage of the Inspect Element Tool
After logging into your Instagram account, go to your profile page then please right click on the blank or press Ctrl + Shift + I. This will open the Inspect Element panel.

Once the Inspect Element panel appears, click the Toggle device toolbar option as indicated in the image above or press the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M.

The tool is a true weapon of web developers to check and manage responsiveness of website display on mobile devices. This is also our weapon in this tutorial.

4. Make sure Screen Resolution is Responsive
Make sure that the selected screen option is Responsive with 100% content. See the following picture for reference:

You can also manually change the screen size by replacing the number in each box (width x height).




5. Click Icon Camera As in Mobile
When you get to this stage and return to the tab containing your Instagram account in Chrome, it looks more or less like Instagram view in mobile in general, right? Here is the main trick.

with this method is very simple, ie by clicking the camera icon in the bottom center. See the picture below:



6. Select the image you want to upload
Pop ups will appear just like when you want to save or upload files from a browser. Select the folder for the image you want to upload to Instagram on your computer or laptop.



7. Edit Image, Add Caption, and Upload Photos To Instagram Through Computer or Laptop!

Just as you normally want to upload photos to Instagram, at this stage you just need to give the final touch before your photos appear to the public and your followers.

Edit photos, add captions or other account tags, then upload photos to your Instagram via PC.

Well, up to this stage, you must have successfully uploaded photos to Instagram via PC. Very simple is not it?

Through this method, you who have been using PC more than a smartphone can still exist to upload photos to Instagram via your PC, especially for those of you who are loyal users of Chrome.

If you still want to use additional software but choose a lighter one, try using a Windows application like InstaPic.

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