10 iPhone Applications For Bloggers Often Used

Many of us, especially bloggers, use smartphone more often in everyday life than using PC or laptop.

Of course more often the smartphone is in the grip rather than the computer, so we use it more often.
For you a blogger who is also an iPhone user, you may still prefer to use the computer in blogging activities rather than the iPhone on the grounds that the screen is bigger and can do many things.

Indeed, blogging activities on the iPhone can be very limited if you do not take advantage of iPhone applications for bloggers, which are designed specifically for bloggers.

For those of you who are interested to keep running blogging activities even more often with smartphones, here are 10 iPhone applications for bloggers that must be used now:

1. WordPress.com
The WordPress.com iPhone app was originally specifically intended for users of free WordPress blogs, but now can also be used by WordPress users self-hosted.

The interface itself is very good so comfortable to use it for blogging. You can use it to add new posts or edit existing posts directly from your iPhone.

The iOS app for this blog is more complete with desktop features, so you can also use it on the desktop with a good user interface when you’re tired of writing on your iPhone.

2. Ulysses
If you need a special application to write, then try Ulysses. IPhone applications for bloggers this one is paid, but the price is in accordance with the features and ease contained in it.

If you do not want to use the WordPress.com app because of one or two things, Ulysses is perfect as a proper substitute for writing your blog’s draft.

3. Feedly
Feedly is my favorite personal app for collecting writing ideas, both for iPhone, Android, and web versions.

Feedly is very easy to use and very useful for anyone who wants to keep abreast of information or writings from his favorite website.

Whether you’re just curious about ideas, looking for writing inspiration and brainstorming, Feedly deserves to be installed on your iPhone, and this is one of the iPhone apps for bloggers I highly recommend.

4. Pocket
If you happen to be surfing the internet and find a good article as reference material of your blog writing next, then Pocket must you use.

Pocket can be enabled to save articles from anywhere to then be read offline.

For me personally who often search for ideas through articles on the internet, I always use Pocket to menyimmpan article and then I read back offline.

So far, there are already tens of thousands of articles stored in my Pocket app, and I can read it anytime even though the original posts on a website have been deleted.

5. OneNote
When Ulyssess is used to prepare drafts for blog posts, OneNote can be used to record ideas or just brainstorm. Sometimes ideas come from anywhere and anytime, so you may need to take note of those ideas.

If you do not like the iPhone default Notebook app, you can use OneNote for free. One of the iPhone apps for bloggers that I recommend is arguably better than Evernote. Plus, all the advanced OneNote features you can use for free.

6. Snapseed
Snapseed is a photo editor application made by Google that is dedicated to all of us for free. This application is so complete and very easy to use.

The blog posts will not be complete unless they are accompanied by pictures / photos, so the Snapseed application must be installed on your iPhone.

Why would I recommend Snapseed rather than other similar apps? First, Snapseed has a very complete feature for a photo editor application.

Secondly, all features are very easy to use. Third, this application made by Google which is definitely updated frequently with new features and security is guaranteed.

Fourth, Snapseed is free and contains no ads, so it is worthy to be one part of the iPhone app for the best and highly recommended bloggers.

7. Google Drive
The majority of us probably already know even using Google Drive. This cloud-based storage app has a capacity of 15 GB for each Gmail account.

That means you can take advantage of hundreds or even thousands of files at once in your Google Drive account for the sake of blogging.

Starting from storing documents, image files or video for your blog, it is definitely mandatory Google Drive is used for the benefit of your blogging. This is one of the favorite iPhone apps for my blogger.

8. Google Photos
When Google Drive is primarily used as a storage application with a capacity of 15 GB, Google Photos, like itself, is dedicated to both photo and video storage.

You are not even subject to storage capacity limits when setting the photo quality as “High Quality”, where the uploaded photos will be automatically compressed but still have high quality.

For the benefit of blogs, photos that are used actually should not have a capacity that is too large in order to speed up loading blog.
With Google Photos, it can also be used to store and sync cross-device photo files, you can also use the feature to compress images and the algorithms will automatically edit the photo for you.

9. Hootsuite
Social media has tremendous power to increase engagement and the amount of traffic to your blog. However, posting one by one blog posts to social media will waste a lot of time.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts to social media and will be posted automatically along with its captions.

10. Dashlane
Using the internet means we are open to a variety of cyber threats that can at times attack us.

One attempt to address cyber crime is to secure our information, especially the passwords we use. It is highly recommended to use passwords that are not easy to guess and use different passwords for each account.

Especially for blogs, you must use passwords have strong strength level and different from your other account’s passsword. It’s just not easy to memorize all passwords.

Dashlane is a password manager application for storing and securing your password set for each account. This app should be used by you.


Well, that’s 10 iPhone apps for bloggers that you can use right now. Of course not only limited by 10 choices only. There are still plenty of iPhone apps for bloggers out there that might suit you.

How about you? Which iPhone app for bloggers are you championing? Please share your recommendation via the comment field below. May be useful!

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