Increase Sales, 3 Strategies Advance Your Online Business

Easy because there are many strategies that can be applied with support services that are now abundant and always can be used easily.
Difficult because they do not know how to set up what kind of strategy and how to execute it.

In addition to starting and running a business, the biggest challenge is how to increase sales.

Try implementing the following strategies and improving your sales right now:

1. Know Your Customer (KYC)
Have you researched who your target market really is? To whom do you sell products that symbolize your brand?
In the business world, KYC is not something new, precisely something from the beginning is very important to be researched.
Find out your target market demographics from age, residence, gender, to type of OS used.

When you have a website, Google Analytics can help you know the demographics of your visitors.

After that, categorize again so that more specific, and from there you can set marketing strategy and product variation to be sold.

2. Content Marketing
Conventional advertising is now starting to diminish the demand because it is considered ineffective. Because Internet penetration is so strong, online marketing becomes one of the most powerful weapons in increasing sales.

Through content marketing, you can attract more audiences who will voluntarily share your content to their social media so your website will include more people for free and fast.

Already know, right, if there is a term called ‘viral’? Attractive content will always be the attention of many people, and if it is truly useful, your audience will be happy to share it with others.

The wider your content is scattered, the more potential customers you will get. For that, create content that suits your business, but apply the soft-selling method so your readers will not be sick of it when reading it.

3. Business Capital Loans
Additional business capital support will make it easier for every businessman to execute plans and strategies in developing his business.

Marketing activities, for example, will always charge a fee in its application. Either you use Google Adwords advertising methods, Facebook Ads, hire the services of influencers, and much more.

You also need business capital to add product variation, increase operational activities, to buy new machinery / equipment.

There are now many options for applying for business capital loans; both in the form of conventional institutions and financial technology (fintech).

Not all online businesses can access loans from traditional institutions such as banks because they have no collateral. KTA is not necessarily suitable to support.

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