5 GoPro Type Action Camera with Cheaper Price

Action Camera Similar GoPro with Cheaper Price – The presence of action camera did not escape from the development of technology as it is today. Not only on the smartphone side, the realm of the camera also seemed to participate in the race to bring innovation in each product.
About the camera, it is also influenced by the trend of traveling and other outdoor activities are very rife lately.

Well, maybe you already know that GoPro series is the most famous action camera now. Familiar among lovers of traveling and outdoor.

As one type of action camera is again the trend now, GoPro series is better known.

However, there are still many cheap action cameras that do not lose from GoPro. Anything? Let’s go one by one further.

1. Xiaomi Yi Camera
Xiaomi Yi Action Camera can be considered as the nearest competitor of GoPro Series. Compared to GoPro, Yi Action Camera is only slightly behind. However, when comparing the price and quality of the resulting video, Yi Action Camera can be a dangerous cheap camera action as the nearest competitor of GoPro.

Good Video Quality
Easy-to-Use App
Complete Video Options

Vulnerable to water and weather
Protective plugs easily dislodged

2. Xiaomi Yi II 4K
Xiaomi Yi II 4K is the latest and most advanced generation of previous versions. The shape, quality, and toughness are very similar to competitors, GoPro. Except, Xiaomi Yi II 4K offers a much more affordable price.




3. Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha Edition
Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha Edition offers a cheap action camera that is certainly very feasible to bring adventurous.




4. Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha Plus
With a lot of updates from previous versions, Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha Plus can be said to accompany the outdoor activities of anyone, especially because it is supported with a classy specification.



5. Sony HDR-AS20 HD POV Action Camera
The last cheap camera action in this list is the Sony HDR-AS20 HD POV. The camera offered by Sony in this version is light and has components that can compete with other cheap camera action.

That’s 5 list of cheap action cameras that you can try at affordable prices. Now you do not have to worry about choosing the right action camera if you feel GoPro Series is too expensive.

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