Chocolate Good For Diet

For those of you who love to eat chocolate and happen to be on a diet, there is good news for you. It turns out that eating a lot of chocolate can make your diet a success. As quoted from Shnews, consuming chocolate with enough or even excess was not going to gain weight, at least that’s the word researchers.

On the other hand, eating lots of chocolate is actually a good thing in a diet program because chocolate is good for dieting. Chocolate is good for diet because it turns out chocolate can lose weight. Spanish researchers make a report after reviewing the diet and health activities of about 1,500 adolescents aged between 12 years to 17 years. The research was conducted in nine countries in Europe, including Spain and the UK.

Reports in the study said that people who eat lots of chocolate have lower levels of fat in their bodies because of the content in chocolate that cuts the levels of fat in the body in the abdomen, and so forth. Chocolate is good for diet but it also has a positive effect in the circulation and blood pressure and heart health.

Research from the University of Granada, Spain, also supports previous studies conducted from researchers from the University of California, USA, who asserted that chocolate is good for the diet because the content in chocolate can lower levels of fat in the body. Chocolate is good for diet because in chocolate there is a lot of calories and more than other foods.

Calorie content that makes the body’s metabolism work harder that eventually offset the levels of fat in the body that many found in the entire body inside. From a new study at the University of Cambridge, UK, also found evidence that people who consume chocolate every day are more likely to resist stroke as much as 29% of those who do not. In addition, heart disease is also about 37% compared with those who do not.

Chocolate is good for diet and health because of flavonoids contained in cocoa beans. Flavonoids are functioning as an antioxidant that can help clean up free radicals that are very large that can damage the cells in the body. The higher the levels of flavonoids in chocolate the higher the benefits it produces on the health of our bodies. Dark chocolate, commonly known as Dark Chocolate, contains 40% cocoa (flavonoids) which means five times more than white chocolate and twice as much as chocolate milk.

That’s why chocolate is good for diet and body health, especially for those who are fond of eating chocolate and are on a diet program. Remember, do not be afraid to consume chocolate when dieting because chocolate is good for diet.

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