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Chocolate Good For Diet

For those of you who love to eat chocolate and happen to be on a diet, there is good news for you. It turns out that eating a lot of chocolate can make your diet a success. As quoted from Shnews, consuming chocolate with enough or even excess was not going to gain weight, at least that’s the word researchers.

On the other hand, eating lots of chocolate is actually a good thing in a diet program because chocolate is good for dieting. Chocolate is good for diet because it turns out chocolate can lose weight. Spanish researchers make a report after reviewing the diet and health activities of about 1,500 adolescents aged between 12 years to 17 years. The research was conducted in nine countries in Europe, including Spain and the UK.

Reports in the study said that people who eat lots of chocolate have lower levels of fat in their bodies because of the content in chocolate that cuts the levels of fat in the body in the abdomen, and so forth. Chocolate is good for diet but it also has a positive effect in the circulation and blood pressure and heart health.

Research from the University of Granada, Spain, also supports previous studies conducted from researchers from the University of California, USA, who asserted that chocolate is good for the diet because the content in chocolate can lower levels of fat in the body. Chocolate is good for diet because in chocolate there is a lot of calories and more than other foods.

Calorie content that makes the body’s metabolism work harder that eventually offset the levels of fat in the body that many found in the entire body inside. From a new study at the University of Cambridge, UK, also found evidence that people who consume chocolate every day are more likely to resist stroke as much as 29% of those who do not. In addition, heart disease is also about 37% compared with those who do not.

Chocolate is good for diet and health because of flavonoids contained in cocoa beans. Flavonoids are functioning as an antioxidant that can help clean up free radicals that are very large that can damage the cells in the body. The higher the levels of flavonoids in chocolate the higher the benefits it produces on the health of our bodies. Dark chocolate, commonly known as Dark Chocolate, contains 40% cocoa (flavonoids) which means five times more than white chocolate and twice as much as chocolate milk.

That’s why chocolate is good for diet and body health, especially for those who are fond of eating chocolate and are on a diet program. Remember, do not be afraid to consume chocolate when dieting because chocolate is good for diet.

How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Headset From A Variety Of Brands

While driving or busy, it is very difficult for us to receive phone calls. In addition to breaking the law, using a mobile phone while driving is also very dangerous. Fortunately now has been created Bluetooth headset. With no cables on this device, its use will be safer and more practical.

You will also be comfortable talking on the phone, as well as listening to music and watching videos. There are different types of headsets with Bluetooth technology in the market that you can buy in a wise way. Bluetooth headset prices are not cheap to make us must be wise in choosing.

Unfortunately if the headset has been purchased it can not be used. Headsets that have quality below expectations will also be very disappointing. Some brands do offer Bluetooth headsets with different specifications. The features that are owned also vary with the quality that is not the same. Therefore, before buying a Bluetooth headset there are several things that must be considered, namely:

1. Headset Specifications Headset specifications are very important to consider when choosing a product. Although Bluetooth headsets generally can adjust various types of smartphones, but we must know which version of Bluetooth is used.

Clarity must be paid attention, especially when used in a noisy environment. In addition, the distance of Bluetooth connection must also be known. Various conditions sometimes force us to not be always close to a smartphone that is receiving phone calls.

2. Ease in Using It A Bluetooth headset should be easy to use when driving or when we are busy. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose a headset that is easy to switch on, off and also receive calls.

The headset should be easily controlled and connected to the samrtphone. There are various features of the headset that can support the ease. Such a headset can be controlled by voice, without having to be touched. You can choose the most practical features you want.

3. Convenience When Using It In addition to convenience, comfort in using the headset should also be a consideration in choosing the device to be purchased. The headset should have a comfortable shape when mounted on the ear.

In addition, the headset should also be installed or released immediately. Thus when there is a sudden phone call, you will easily install it. If necessary, you can try the headset before buying it. Not only expensive stuff, cheap and quality Bluetooth headsets can also be convenient to use.

4. Smartphone Compatibility or Gadget Owned It is important to know whether the smartphone or gadget that we have compatible with or not with the headset to be purchased. Bluetooth headset can only be used on smartphones that can support it. This smartphone must have Bluetooth version 1.1 or above.

In addition, the smartphone should also have a handsfree profile or a headset. We should check the smartphone or gadget owned first before buying a headset. Because if not, then this device certainly can not be used. Taking into account the above matters, then purchasing a headset will not disappoint.

You can find out what kind of device you want and how the headset performs its function. Indeed, there are various brands of products that are currently sold in the market. Each product has various features that become their respective advantages. We recommend that you clearly know each product before you buy it.

5 GoPro Type Action Camera with Cheaper Price

Action Camera Similar GoPro with Cheaper Price – The presence of action camera did not escape from the development of technology as it is today. Not only on the smartphone side, the realm of the camera also seemed to participate in the race to bring innovation in each product.
About the camera, it is also influenced by the trend of traveling and other outdoor activities are very rife lately.

Well, maybe you already know that GoPro series is the most famous action camera now. Familiar among lovers of traveling and outdoor.

As one type of action camera is again the trend now, GoPro series is better known.

However, there are still many cheap action cameras that do not lose from GoPro. Anything? Let’s go one by one further.

1. Xiaomi Yi Camera
Xiaomi Yi Action Camera can be considered as the nearest competitor of GoPro Series. Compared to GoPro, Yi Action Camera is only slightly behind. However, when comparing the price and quality of the resulting video, Yi Action Camera can be a dangerous cheap camera action as the nearest competitor of GoPro.

Good Video Quality
Easy-to-Use App
Complete Video Options

Vulnerable to water and weather
Protective plugs easily dislodged

2. Xiaomi Yi II 4K
Xiaomi Yi II 4K is the latest and most advanced generation of previous versions. The shape, quality, and toughness are very similar to competitors, GoPro. Except, Xiaomi Yi II 4K offers a much more affordable price.




3. Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha Edition
Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha Edition offers a cheap action camera that is certainly very feasible to bring adventurous.




4. Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha Plus
With a lot of updates from previous versions, Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha Plus can be said to accompany the outdoor activities of anyone, especially because it is supported with a classy specification.



5. Sony HDR-AS20 HD POV Action Camera
The last cheap camera action in this list is the Sony HDR-AS20 HD POV. The camera offered by Sony in this version is light and has components that can compete with other cheap camera action.

That’s 5 list of cheap action cameras that you can try at affordable prices. Now you do not have to worry about choosing the right action camera if you feel GoPro Series is too expensive.

Increase Sales, 3 Strategies Advance Your Online Business

Easy because there are many strategies that can be applied with support services that are now abundant and always can be used easily.
Difficult because they do not know how to set up what kind of strategy and how to execute it.

In addition to starting and running a business, the biggest challenge is how to increase sales.

Try implementing the following strategies and improving your sales right now:

1. Know Your Customer (KYC)
Have you researched who your target market really is? To whom do you sell products that symbolize your brand?
In the business world, KYC is not something new, precisely something from the beginning is very important to be researched.
Find out your target market demographics from age, residence, gender, to type of OS used.

When you have a website, Google Analytics can help you know the demographics of your visitors.

After that, categorize again so that more specific, and from there you can set marketing strategy and product variation to be sold.

2. Content Marketing
Conventional advertising is now starting to diminish the demand because it is considered ineffective. Because Internet penetration is so strong, online marketing becomes one of the most powerful weapons in increasing sales.

Through content marketing, you can attract more audiences who will voluntarily share your content to their social media so your website will include more people for free and fast.

Already know, right, if there is a term called ‘viral’? Attractive content will always be the attention of many people, and if it is truly useful, your audience will be happy to share it with others.

The wider your content is scattered, the more potential customers you will get. For that, create content that suits your business, but apply the soft-selling method so your readers will not be sick of it when reading it.

3. Business Capital Loans
Additional business capital support will make it easier for every businessman to execute plans and strategies in developing his business.

Marketing activities, for example, will always charge a fee in its application. Either you use Google Adwords advertising methods, Facebook Ads, hire the services of influencers, and much more.

You also need business capital to add product variation, increase operational activities, to buy new machinery / equipment.

There are now many options for applying for business capital loans; both in the form of conventional institutions and financial technology (fintech).

Not all online businesses can access loans from traditional institutions such as banks because they have no collateral. KTA is not necessarily suitable to support.

10 iPhone Applications For Bloggers Often Used

Many of us, especially bloggers, use smartphone more often in everyday life than using PC or laptop.

Of course more often the smartphone is in the grip rather than the computer, so we use it more often.
For you a blogger who is also an iPhone user, you may still prefer to use the computer in blogging activities rather than the iPhone on the grounds that the screen is bigger and can do many things.

Indeed, blogging activities on the iPhone can be very limited if you do not take advantage of iPhone applications for bloggers, which are designed specifically for bloggers.

For those of you who are interested to keep running blogging activities even more often with smartphones, here are 10 iPhone applications for bloggers that must be used now:

The iPhone app was originally specifically intended for users of free WordPress blogs, but now can also be used by WordPress users self-hosted.

The interface itself is very good so comfortable to use it for blogging. You can use it to add new posts or edit existing posts directly from your iPhone.

The iOS app for this blog is more complete with desktop features, so you can also use it on the desktop with a good user interface when you’re tired of writing on your iPhone.

2. Ulysses
If you need a special application to write, then try Ulysses. IPhone applications for bloggers this one is paid, but the price is in accordance with the features and ease contained in it.

If you do not want to use the app because of one or two things, Ulysses is perfect as a proper substitute for writing your blog’s draft.

3. Feedly
Feedly is my favorite personal app for collecting writing ideas, both for iPhone, Android, and web versions.

Feedly is very easy to use and very useful for anyone who wants to keep abreast of information or writings from his favorite website.

Whether you’re just curious about ideas, looking for writing inspiration and brainstorming, Feedly deserves to be installed on your iPhone, and this is one of the iPhone apps for bloggers I highly recommend.

4. Pocket
If you happen to be surfing the internet and find a good article as reference material of your blog writing next, then Pocket must you use.

Pocket can be enabled to save articles from anywhere to then be read offline.

For me personally who often search for ideas through articles on the internet, I always use Pocket to menyimmpan article and then I read back offline.

So far, there are already tens of thousands of articles stored in my Pocket app, and I can read it anytime even though the original posts on a website have been deleted.

5. OneNote
When Ulyssess is used to prepare drafts for blog posts, OneNote can be used to record ideas or just brainstorm. Sometimes ideas come from anywhere and anytime, so you may need to take note of those ideas.

If you do not like the iPhone default Notebook app, you can use OneNote for free. One of the iPhone apps for bloggers that I recommend is arguably better than Evernote. Plus, all the advanced OneNote features you can use for free.

6. Snapseed
Snapseed is a photo editor application made by Google that is dedicated to all of us for free. This application is so complete and very easy to use.

The blog posts will not be complete unless they are accompanied by pictures / photos, so the Snapseed application must be installed on your iPhone.

Why would I recommend Snapseed rather than other similar apps? First, Snapseed has a very complete feature for a photo editor application.

Secondly, all features are very easy to use. Third, this application made by Google which is definitely updated frequently with new features and security is guaranteed.

Fourth, Snapseed is free and contains no ads, so it is worthy to be one part of the iPhone app for the best and highly recommended bloggers.

7. Google Drive
The majority of us probably already know even using Google Drive. This cloud-based storage app has a capacity of 15 GB for each Gmail account.

That means you can take advantage of hundreds or even thousands of files at once in your Google Drive account for the sake of blogging.

Starting from storing documents, image files or video for your blog, it is definitely mandatory Google Drive is used for the benefit of your blogging. This is one of the favorite iPhone apps for my blogger.

8. Google Photos
When Google Drive is primarily used as a storage application with a capacity of 15 GB, Google Photos, like itself, is dedicated to both photo and video storage.

You are not even subject to storage capacity limits when setting the photo quality as “High Quality”, where the uploaded photos will be automatically compressed but still have high quality.

For the benefit of blogs, photos that are used actually should not have a capacity that is too large in order to speed up loading blog.
With Google Photos, it can also be used to store and sync cross-device photo files, you can also use the feature to compress images and the algorithms will automatically edit the photo for you.

9. Hootsuite
Social media has tremendous power to increase engagement and the amount of traffic to your blog. However, posting one by one blog posts to social media will waste a lot of time.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts to social media and will be posted automatically along with its captions.

10. Dashlane
Using the internet means we are open to a variety of cyber threats that can at times attack us.

One attempt to address cyber crime is to secure our information, especially the passwords we use. It is highly recommended to use passwords that are not easy to guess and use different passwords for each account.

Especially for blogs, you must use passwords have strong strength level and different from your other account’s passsword. It’s just not easy to memorize all passwords.

Dashlane is a password manager application for storing and securing your password set for each account. This app should be used by you.


Well, that’s 10 iPhone apps for bloggers that you can use right now. Of course not only limited by 10 choices only. There are still plenty of iPhone apps for bloggers out there that might suit you.

How about you? Which iPhone app for bloggers are you championing? Please share your recommendation via the comment field below. May be useful!

Simple Tips For Healthy Living

Healthy living is everyone’s desire though most of them have not actually done it. Most people are reluctant to lead a healthy life because they feel bound by the many rules about lifestyle, especially diet and things about sports, as well as about the amount of time that should be spent.

When walking further, healthy life is actually simple. Apart from that, what makes us often fail to live healthy is because of our strong sense of restraint, and the activities that occupy ourselves that often make us forget to return to a healthy lifestyle. Healthy living is closely related to the types of foods we consume.

In this section, we share some simple tips for healthy living as quoted from KlikDokter. From the list of healthy tips we collect, nothing is really complicated. It’s just to do it, each of us have to ask ourselves, is it ready for us to live it?

Talking about healthy living is talking about how our efforts to take care of ourselves, withholding appetite for junk food, and how much time we can put aside to exercise.

1. Carbohydrates In Each Menu
Types of foods such as rice, wheat bread, potatoes, and so on are some foods that contain high carbohydrates. Include foods containing carbohydrates into your diet. The content of carbohydrates that enter the body essentially makes you last longer will hunger. In addition carbohydrates are also very useful for energy in order to support career productivity.

2. Duplicate Fruit and Vegetable Consumption
To live healthy then we must increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables actually sound cliches. But indeed, fruits and vegetables always have a special impact on the health of the body. Double the amount of fruit and vegetable consumption to eat every day with different types.

3. Increase Fish Consumption
Content of fish in the body can maintain the stability of calories and also able to make the brain performance more leverage. Expand the consumption of fish, at least 2 servings in one week, so that your body feel the benefits of the excellent content of protein, minerals, and vitamins are rich from it.

4. Fat With Sugar Saturation?
The point here is the types of foods such as chocolate, cheese, biscuits, sausages, and so forth. These types of foods generally contain saturated fats produced by solid sugar content. Fat-saturated sugar can later be at risk of blockage of blood vessels in the heart, coronary heart disease. Therefore reduce or avoid the consumption of fatty foods with sugar saturation even though you like such foods.

5. Reduce Salt Consumption
Salt here means not only the salt you use to mix the dishes, but the salt content contained in foodstuffs such as cereals, sauces, and so forth. Reduce consumption of food / food containing salt, because the salt content in the excess food can have an impact on the incidence of high blood.

6. Try For Breakfast Every Day
The tightness of your daily activities from morning does not mean you have to skip breakfast. Try to have breakfast every day before leaving to continue your daily activities. A healthy breakfast can add energy to daily activities.

7. Reduce Meat Consumption
Excessive meat consumption can cause high blood pressure, even heart disease. Reduce consumption of meat if necessary. Reducing does not mean having to stop at all, unless you plan to become vegetarian.

8. Expand Drinking Water
White water in addition to beneficial to beauty, will always be beneficial to the health of the body because water is the survival of human life. Expand drinking water every day so that your body does not quickly limp, also launched the body’s metabolism to be free from kidney disease and other similar diseases.

9. Improve Sleep Patterns
A good enough sleep is also to stay young for women. Good sleep patterns have an enormous impact on your fitness to increase your daily productivity.

10. Make Use of Spare Time To Exercise
Maybe you are too busy so there is no time left to exercise. In fact, sports can also be done everywhere, can be on the office chair your workplace. Perform simple stretches on the wrist and neck, shoulders and back, and do other small movements as long as your body keeps moving.

Those are some simple tips for a healthy life that is simple. Which part do you find most difficult?

How to Upload Photos to Instagram Through Computer or Laptop Without Software

For now, coupled with social media classmates Facebook and Youtube, Instagram became one of the most popular and most used social media.

Social media is very popular, especially among young people, where the simplicity of appearance and usage becomes one of the aspects that make it so loved.

The majority of us, myself and you, may almost every day open this app, anywhere and anytime.

In addition to showing the best photos, social media is also not spared from the utilization in terms of business.

It’s just that not everyone likes to do everything with smartphones that have ‘limitations’ in usage, including the affairs of uploading photos to Instagram.
The use of computers or laptops are often considered to provide an opportunity to be more ‘free’ in doing a thing, especially in the digital era like today.

Well, for those of you who are more often deal with computers or laptops in everyday activities but still prefer to play Instagram primarily to upload photos to Instagram, this tutorial is certainly very useful for you.

How to upload photos to Instagram via computer or laptop is actually very simple. If you’ve known that you’ve even applied various methods using the help of additional software, this time you will know how to upload photos to Instagram via computer or laptop without the help of additional special software.

Forget additional software like Bluestack, Gramblr, and other emulators. You only need to use software that has been familiar to you. Interested, right? I’m sure you have so far been interested to know how.

1. Set up Google Chrome
The software we use in the tutorial is Google Chrome. Certainly already very familiar to you, is not it? You may even use Google Chrome as your default browser. (Download Google Chrome if you have not already used it)

2. Login to your Instagram Account
Open Chrome and open Instagram website, then please login into your account as usual.

How to Upload Photos to Instagram Through Computer or Laptop Without Software – 1




3. Take advantage of the Inspect Element Tool
After logging into your Instagram account, go to your profile page then please right click on the blank or press Ctrl + Shift + I. This will open the Inspect Element panel.

Once the Inspect Element panel appears, click the Toggle device toolbar option as indicated in the image above or press the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M.

The tool is a true weapon of web developers to check and manage responsiveness of website display on mobile devices. This is also our weapon in this tutorial.

4. Make sure Screen Resolution is Responsive
Make sure that the selected screen option is Responsive with 100% content. See the following picture for reference:

You can also manually change the screen size by replacing the number in each box (width x height).




5. Click Icon Camera As in Mobile
When you get to this stage and return to the tab containing your Instagram account in Chrome, it looks more or less like Instagram view in mobile in general, right? Here is the main trick.

with this method is very simple, ie by clicking the camera icon in the bottom center. See the picture below:



6. Select the image you want to upload
Pop ups will appear just like when you want to save or upload files from a browser. Select the folder for the image you want to upload to Instagram on your computer or laptop.



7. Edit Image, Add Caption, and Upload Photos To Instagram Through Computer or Laptop!

Just as you normally want to upload photos to Instagram, at this stage you just need to give the final touch before your photos appear to the public and your followers.

Edit photos, add captions or other account tags, then upload photos to your Instagram via PC.

Well, up to this stage, you must have successfully uploaded photos to Instagram via PC. Very simple is not it?

Through this method, you who have been using PC more than a smartphone can still exist to upload photos to Instagram via your PC, especially for those of you who are loyal users of Chrome.

If you still want to use additional software but choose a lighter one, try using a Windows application like InstaPic.

5 Best Free Video Editor Software for Windows

If you were previously familiar with Windows Movie Maker as a free Windows native video editor, then it’s time to say goodbye to him.

After nearly two decades of actively filling various versions of Windows, Microsoft finally decided to retire this free video editor software in 2017.

Many of us are missing out on it, but there are probably many who have abandoned it and turned to more sophisticated video editor software.

For those of you who are looking for an alternative to Windows Movie Maker, there are so many free video editing software out there that you can use on your Windows device.

In this article, the following 5 best free video editor software for Windows that you can use immediately:

1. Ezvid
Ezvid is better known as screen capture than a video editor software, but the features contained in it can also be used for video editing purposes.

There is also a feature to record audio to make your editing process more complex. Or if you’re interested in adding some effects to your videos, Ezvid also provides some effects to enhance your videos.

2. Shotcut
Shotcut is a free and open-source video editing software for Windows and can also be used for Mac and even Linux platforms.

Because this software uses a codec that is independent, you can use the files it generates in cross platform or OS.

The features available inside Shotcut include simple trimming, cutting video, copy-paste, using mute, hide and locking features, and undo and redo history.

Also equipped with various keyboard shortcut combinations that will speed up your workflow.

3. Story
Many of us who still do not maximize the use of Windows Store an often ignore it. In fact, there are a number of free video editor software that we can try in the Windows Store.

It’s just that indeed, most applications contained in the Windows Store have a UI display that is less good, less stable, and contains too many ads.

However, Story can be spelled out differently than most apps in the Windows Store. With this video editor, we can make movies from some photos and videos with additional music choice.

The features available on Story are actually similar to Google Photos on iOS or Android.

We only need to import photos or videos into Story and add preferred music that we like, then edit a bit as desired and export it into a video file.

4. Animotica
Animotica video editing applications can also be downloaded free from the Windows Store and very suitable for use on your Windows PC.

Your videos and photos can be edited together with a touch of transition effects and a variety of other visual effects. The colors can also be adjusted, as well as the accelerating effect with frame slowing.

5. Filmora Video Editor
In this list, Filmora Video Editor is the only paid video editing software, but you can still try it free with the Free Trial scheme.

This software offers complete features compared to others. Its use is very easy. You can customize the video material with timeline and make it easy to place images and audio into it.

Filmora Video Editor is suitable for beginners as well as those who are used to video editing, because its feature is very complete and easy to use.

Well, that’s 5 free video editor software that you can try now. Because video content is now more popular and highly effective as a marketing content, you certainly need some video content to promote your business.

Free video editor software above will certainly be a very useful solution for you. Good luck and hopefully useful!