Online Education

Currently the high cost of education is still one of the topics and issues that are always faced every new academic year.

The cost of education is expensive not only in private schools but also public schools. Guardians must think again to finance the school children in the higher levels because the cost of education will be more expensive.

Whereas education becomes a human rights of every citizen who must be met by institutions or institutions and must fulfill education evenly so that all people in a country can enjoy the education. Education should not be directed only to those who can pay.

Education is a very important thing for the community so that education becomes a field that is always considered by the state constitution. So, in fact the state is obliged to provide education at a low cost or free for all people.

Quality education is expensive. The sentence is often found to respond to expensive education fees. The cost of expensive education starts from kindergarten to college so that the poor have no choice but to stay away from school.

Rulers have access to more capital. So when the school committee is established, there are many levies that read according to the school’s decision. Whereas the rate of application of the levy is not open because the members and committee members of the school are the closest to the principal.

SBM is only a government release that should be responsible for the educational issues facing the community.

There are many impacts experienced by a country because of the cost of education is expensive, the impact is as follows:

1. Human Resources Being Weak
Education is the most strategic sector to develop Human Resources in Indonesia. Education has a very important role to produce human resources with high quality so that can build the country for the better in the future.

The problem that has a huge impact on the students is the expensive cost of education in Indonesia. This is a classic problem that has always appeared and has not been resolved to date.

Whereas the high cost of education does not match the quality of education obtained because there are still many educated unemployed. This is very ironic when a student has paid tuition to become a bachelor.

2. Weak Economic Community Level
Education can support economic growth. There are experts who say that education can increase work productivity so that income will increase. Increased revenues will affect the national income so as to improve the lives of people with low incomes.

Other experts also mention that education can be a means to prepare the trained and educated workforce that is necessary in economic growth in a country.

Education can prepare the learner to become a potential workforce and ready for work so that labor productivity increases and national income also increases.

The relationship between education and income is very significant when viewed in a developing country. Education can be a source of trained and skilled talent. Education is very important to provide manpower or even provide employment.

This should serve as a basis for planning education because the economy does require a trained and educated workforce.

But the problem that arises is that there is rarely any integration between the necessary education and work so that emerging unemployed are trained and educated. Education should be able to overcome this.

Education should be able to address and assess what knowledge is required by the learner with the skills required by the employment. Predictions of employment should have been the basis for educational planning in order to keep up with the current economic growth.

3. Society Becomes Less Conscious with Health
The higher a person’s level of education, the higher one’s awareness of health. At the higher education level, the role of education becomes very central to produce output that can contribute to channel information to the public about the importance of health for the welfare of the nation.

To apply good health management, many higher education, schools, and other institutions open programs in the health field of the department of nursing, health management, public health, and medicine.

This program can give birth to a generation who understand and have the ability about health. In addition it can provide health services for the community.

Low or high government subsidies are the things that determine the cost of education is expensive or cheap. If you want a low cost of education, then the government should provide a large subsidy.

The government’s effort is to build a school committee to help them deal with the expensive education fees. However, today there are many ways to cope with the cost of education is expensive through online teachers.

Online teacher in question is to learn through the educational media that exist on the internet. For those who do not know, this online education can be in the form of websites, blogs, and with a smart phone, education can be accessed through the application of learning that contains the exam questions, questions, and much more.