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DesignBeast Introduction

Design beast review… Hey guys, today I am going to do a review on a very interesting product design beast. And right now I am in the members area of this tool. And in this review, I will show you exactly what design beast is and how it works with an in-depth design beast demo.

Then I’ll show you all the pricing plans, and I’ll also let you know, is there any upseller downsides also available with design beast? And at the end of this video, I’ll also share with you all the pros and cons of this software.

So be with me to the end of this small video, and after watching the software in action, if you like this software, and if you want to buy it, you can get it from the link given in the description. That really helps me to create more such unbiased reviews in the future.

However, no pressure, but if you want to pick this up with the best free bonuses, such as courses, guides and software bonuses, you can pick this up from my website and I can promise you, you’re not going to find anything better than my custom design beast bonuses and guys for your convenience.

I have also put different timestamps of this video in the description. So you can move to the chapter, which you want to see. All right, so now let’s see what exactly is design beast. So basically design beast is a very newbie friendly multipurpose design solution that has six powerful design apps under one single dashboard.

DesignBeast Review

So the first app is called as all in one design and mock-up engine. And as the name suggests, this app will help you in graphics, designing, and market designing. They have a huge library of more than 7,000 plus ready to use customizable designs, which are perfectly sized for all the popular social platforms.

For example, you can easily create amazing t-shirt and product mock-ups banners. Book covers YouTube thumbnails, brochures, certificates, coupons, flyers, posters, infographics, stunning ads, and banners in all dimensions for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social platforms.

All right, so the second app we have is one click background removal. And as the name suggests, this tool will help you to remove background from your photo. Simply you need to upload any image into the app and let their artificial intelligence do all the heavy lifting for you in one click.

All right. So the third app we have is AI logo maker. This tool will help you to create stunning logos and this logo design app is unlike anything you have seen before. You can now both create 50 logo variations for any brand in three easy steps, just type in your brand name, select a logo style and let the machine learning AI generate 50 customizable logo designs in a flash.

It has hundreds of icons, fonts and vectors are included to customize the logos the way you like. Alright. So the fourth app we have in design beast is 3d live motion photos. This one’s my favorite app and design beast.

Basically it is a groundbreaking new animation technology that lets you turn boring, still photos into dynamic, moving visuals. You can add dazzling effects like snow, rain, clouds, smoke, and various other motion design elements to your still photos easily and instantly.

All right, then we have the fifth app and that is magic object to remover. This app is slightly different from the background remover app that we discussed earlier. This app basically helps you to delete any unwanted object from your photos, not the whole background.

Then we have the sixth and the last app, which is slick image editor. As the name suggests, this is an image editor that will help you to edit your photos like the professionals without any complicated apps, you can easily edit resize, enhance, or add filters to turn blurry and unappealing photos into stunning visuals, ready to print or publish online.

It may sound a little complicated to you right now, but in a moment, I’ll show you a practical demo, how it all works together. But before we further proceed with this review, I would like to answer a question that each and every viewers are having right now in their mind.

Why do we need a software like this? So according to me, design beast is a must software for you. No matter whether you are a business or a freelancer, because good designs and graphics are the heart and soul of every business, it helps you sell more products and services.

And with the design beast, you can create simple, elegant and astonishingly captivating designs to turn prospects into sales studies show that good graphics can double the advertising revenues because they capture and keep attention to get up to 10 X, more engagement to boost Roy and revenues.

On top of all of this design beast can help you in increasing brand exposure with its graphic, designing tools and templates. You can easily make a memorable impact on your audience with compelling designs, graphics, and animations.

You can create in minutes with design beast. Similarly, if you are a freelancer, you can sell your designs to international audiences on websites like Upwork people per hour guru or by creating superior and impressive designs in a flash and sell them for up to $100, $300 each and more.

All right, so here we are on the dashboard of design beast. All the applications are right here in this one dashboard, super easy to use. For example, on the all-in-one design mock-up engine. Here we go.

We have 7,000 plus designs right here that we can even search. Like if I wanted to go and click search Facebook ads, I get every single design out there that’s designed for Facebook ads. So we can do it for any business out there and start charging the money or for you use it for your own business.

You can just click on any one of these, and then you can drag and drop in your field logos. If you don’t want, you want to add them later, you can do that later or any images and that sort of thing.

And then you come into this nice and slick design editor, which is extraordinarily powerful. As you can see here, beautiful, all the icons logos and all the other elements are right here to the left. And you can even change the actual setup of the entire image because you see everything is actually layers here and you can change that layer.

You can move objects around and you can do all kinds of cool things. It can bring in your own objects. And that’s the thing and make your design spot. There is also a cool thing. Or you can also move with the backgrounds of images, bring them to the top, bring it to back and all that kind of layer that you can do here.

You can change the actual color themes. You can change the fonts. You can add stickers. You can do all kinds of cool stuff with this. Now let’s go back to the dashboard real quick. Let me show you something else here.

Now we also the one-click image background remover, right? So this means you can upload any image and remove the background dust one, click as an example, I just uploaded an image here of two couple walking on the beach.

Now I see what the background removal does. It will automatically detect the actual background, people walking, and then it’s going to basically change that Blackwood you see right now, be awesome, right? Let’s see how it figured out automatically.

And it changed things overnight. You want to edit things further, like you want to go edit and you want to maybe change any, any shaping and you want to adjust things a little bit more. You can definitely do that as well.

You can brush store. You can change the brush and you can reset things and all that stuff. So not only do you have the artificial intelligence element here built in, you also have the manual element of actually changing things over it and that sort of thing.

What are the use case for this e-commerce one upload anything to Amazon or any e-commerce website, like Shopify websites and that sort of thing. Do you need to have images without any background so they can pop any platform out there like eBay, Walmart, or Craigslist or whatever it allows images to really pop Facebook marketplace, for example, or on the other hand, you also have the flexibility to change brands for a business that wants to actually have different elements in.

And you can now change these folks here, not having any background behind them. If you’re going to bring them into our image editor technology, and then bring additional layers to it and then pop you just click download.

It’s going to load the transparent P and G file right out of the gate. Now let’s look on dashboard and go back here. You also have the logo factory, which is really cool. You enter the name of the company, right? So let’s say for example, your company is in the industry of real estate, right? So you say real estate, right? Let’s say fast real estate.

It’s your company, right? So we sell houses fast as the tagline, right? I click create logo. And what do you want? Graphical initials or some type of signature. Let’s do graphical here. And then you can choose the niche here.

You see this, I have real estate is a niche here, click create logo. It’s going to automatically find all the varieties of logos. You see, this can keep going on and on and on. And you have different varieties of it.

And then if you like one again, you pick one that you like, let’s say like this one right here, I can edit it further. Right? Using the editor. I can even download it right out of the gate. So the AI gives you both flexibility so you can edit it.

Or you can, if you’re good to go, you can download it that as well. So purely powerful. Let me go back back to the dashboard here because it’s so easy to use. It didn’t even take more than a few seconds to get the ball rolling.

And next thing I want to show you is the 3d live motion photos. Okay. This one is really cool. You have it. Basically the ability to convert a two D photo into 3d motion photos here, or you can even convert a 2d photos into eye-catching motion video.

It was as well. You have both options. So you want the video option or the photo option as well. So you use either upload an image or use one of the stock videos here. So let me or stock photos in this case.

So let me show you actually how it works. So I’ve uploaded this image, right? It’s going to first ask me, what is the dimensions often that you want to do? I just want to make it landscape like, so make sure that you get all the information here so that it’ll fit social media platforms and all that stuff.

So I have selected that right? Once you’ve done that, like proceed, then what you can do now is you can convert this into an animated element. So how you do this as you click the draw icon and then you can draw different elements within the actual element.

So for example, I can choose the elements and the points within the animation. So for example, I can choose what is the actual element that I wanted to exclude from the animation. Then I draw this element.

So, so basically the bike is something that I’m going to make a static, right? So I’m not going to animate the bike. I’m only going to animate the smoke around the object. Does that make sense? So this is all we do.

So I just liked that element. It’s. Here. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Like, so, and then you just eliminate, you change that over and then you go in and then you can add the animation speed.

You can even, for example, or choose, right? For example, here, you see this, I can play right now, since that element was chosen, I can then now add the direction. Right. But the animation elements of the other ones.

So to see this, I can add a direction. So I wanted the smoke here to go into this direction so I can do that. And I can even actually select the car out of the picture. So basically what we are doing is we were eliminating the object that we want to be static.

And then you’re animating the other elements in the picture, right? So here, if I wanted to get the car out of the picture, I do the same thing. So just the same thing, I’d select the car out and then this way will not animate the car.

I want the other objects to animate. Right. So I just selected like so right. Pretty much pretty straightforward. It takes me a few seconds to just click my mouse cursor, and then I can just select the object.

Like, so, and then once you’ve done all this election, doesn’t have to be picture perfect. It, the app automatically detects like, okay, you know, you’re edited out. Like, so then that’s it.

Once you’ve done that, you’re good. You just set the animation speed and then you can even add the effects you want to add. Like, you can add confetti clouds, you can add, you know, things that can fall on the screen, right? Like a snow effect.

If you want, you can do all this kind of stuff. You see this how awesome that looks. And now once this is done, you can actually export this and you’re ready to rock. Okay. Now, if you don’t like this, no effect go back and then you can actually create a smoke effect.

Like so right. You see this and that’s also done automatically. And now you can export this as a video and upload it to social media and all the other places. Right? Right. Very, very easy to use issue.

Now, let me show you the next thing again. You can go check out our training videos for more details on how to set up a step-by-step, but let me show you the other one here. This is the magic object to removal here, right? So you can clean or other remove unwanted objects from any image that you wish.

So let me upload an image here. So I’ve uploaded an image with a couple on the beach. Now again, you can do anything you wish really? So now if you wanted to eliminate anybody here, you can do that and automatically it’s going to be do it.

So all you have to really change the brush size, right? And your pick, which element you wanted to remote. So I’m going to remove this gentleman here. Now the beauty of this is you can just select the whole, okay.

You got to adjust every element here and then I just selected this. Right? Pretty awesome. Everything is elected, I believe, except for some eliminates here. And then you just click on the proceed button and that’s it.

Really? Yeah. That’s all it is. Yes. Super easy. Straightforward. Ready to rock. There you go. Remove the person. Completely see that to the right here. Completely remove it. This is magic object to removal, very powerful.

Ashley. When you wanted to create beautiful professional photos for social media marketing or any kind of graphics or creative marketing, do you want it to do for clients or your own brand? You can do that.

And once you’ve done this click on download and you’re ready to rock nothing much there to do everything else is pretty much done for you. Now click on the dashboard here. One more time. Let me show you the other great application that’s built in here, which is, as you can imagine, the slick image, editor, technology, click on that.

And this one is pretty cool. By the way, you can now immediately upload any one of the images or anything that you’ve created in right now and add effects and you can do all kinds of cool things. So for example, let me show you the beautiful part about this.

I just uploaded this, this one right here of this lady here. And then now all I can do is I can add edit and resize and rotate and all that stuff. So if I wanted to resize this, I can do it. If I want to crop this to meet a social media platform like four by three, one by one or two is three or 16 by nine, all these different elements for different social media platforms.

I can do that because this is one of the big ways that you’ll actually generate more revenue from your existing stuff. You do. We have also object to wear crops. You can actually crop without actually worrying about losing some objects, right? You can actually do social media crop, which is going to get the actual cropping for different social media platforms.

You can add layers to it. As I mentioned before now, you can also do automatic smoothing. So for example, if I change this over and I adjust a smoothing, it’s going to automatically, you see this right? It’s going to automatically smooth out the images to look professional in this particular image.

This is already beautifully Sunland. And there’s a little, a lot of images, but you can actually make it even better. There’s also these effects here, let you see glowing sun effect, right? And then you can add to the images.

You can do all these cool things here. And then once you like what you see, right? If you like, what you see, then you just download that image and you’re ready to rock. So there’s just a few things right here.

I mean, there’s tons of other, like enhancing your click on magic enhancement. It will automatically enhance the image like a professional would do. And then you don’t have to do anything. This is beautiful for any graphic design, social media marketing or anything you imagined.

That’s design beast in a nutshell, hope you enjoy using it. So this is how design beast works. And I hope you guys enjoyed this demo. All right. So now pay close attention and let’s quickly see all the pricing plans and upsell details.

And then we’ll discuss the pros and cons of this tool. All right. So first we’ll quickly see the design beast front end pricing and what you will be getting with front end offer. So design beast comes with two front end options.

One is personal license, which will cost you $37 wind time only. And the second one is commercial license, which will cost you $47 wind time moment. But only in this launch week after this launch week, prices will get hiked.

All right? So the front end offer include all the six apps that we discussed earlier. Then on top of them, you’ll also get 7,000 plus ready to use templates, millions of royalty, free images, copyright free vectors and icons, hundreds of fonts, multi-lingual support step-by-step video training, Facebook group access, Skype mentorship, group access, and eight week training with binders and a whole lot more.

All right, so guys, this was the front end pricing details. Now let me share with you the upsell details of this tool. Then we’ll see the pros and cons of this tool. So it comes with four upsell. But before we further discuss about the upsells, I want to mention that on my website, I have also put a link to buy a design beast, special bundle package, which is nothing but a special offer, which includes the front end commercial license package as well as all four upgrades or upsells.

And this bundle package will cost you $247 one time only. All right, so the first upsell is design beast elite, which will cost you $67 one time only. And this upsell will help you to unlock 2000 additional ready to use templates.

Similarly, 80 new templates will be added to your account each month for one year and a whole lot more. You can pause the video and read more about them here on my screen or on my website. Then the second upsell is design beast agency, which will cost you $49.

One time only this upsell will help to work as an agency and sell your graphic, designing and videography related service for top dollars. And this upsell will also give you a lot of done for you marketing materials to kickstart your agency.

As you can see on my screen, or you can see all the details on my website, then the third upsell we have lead for in one app bundle, which will cost you $39. One-time time Olin. This upsell will give you access to four additional apps.

And the first app we have is pixel perfect. And this app will allow you to instantly turn any image, even a low quality image into ultra HD high quality photo that can be blown up to any size, even billboard size without any pixilation or distortion.

Then the second app we have is animated ads builder. This app will help you to create animated ads in all languages, shapes and sizes. Using hundreds of ready to use design templates. You can use animated ads to promote your products, or you can create ads for clients or sell animated designs on freelancer websites like fiver Upwork and freelancer to maximize profits.

Then the third app we have is video resizer with this powerful technology, you can resize any video into multiple video sizes, perfectly sized for all social platforms. With this tool, you can turn a single video into multiple dimensions and sizes within minutes and share the video onto different platforms to drive more traffic and sales for your product or service.

All right, so the last step we have with this upgrade is video survey pro. With this powerful app, you can instantly collect video testimonials, live video feedback from clients about your work, add video surveys on your websites to collect valuable information and a whole lot more.

You can see on my screen, or you can see all the details on my website. All right. So the last upgrade we have is designed based on limited, that will cost you $47 one time only with a design based basic license.

You can create unlimited designs forever with one limit of 600 credits per month on each of the six apps included. But as part of this special unlimited upgrade, you can remove all the monthly limits and restrictions for all the cutting edge apps and technologies included in the design beast.

All right, so guys, these all are the upsell details of design B software. You can read in depth about all of these upsell and down sell features on my website. And the link is given in the description of this video with all my custom design beast bonuses.

All right, so guys now pay close attention and let’s quickly see the pros and cons of this tool. So let’s get started with the pros. So the first one is the app is fully cloud-based. You don’t need to hustle with any installing or downloading process.

The interface is very beginners friendly and you don’t need any extra technical or coding skill to use it. Then another major merit of this tool is you get six apps for the price of one. On top of all of these, you have the total creative control.

You can edit, customize and create your dream design with limitless customization options, haunts colors, and design elements. Similarly never pay extra for premium royalty, free images, icons, backgrounds, and animations.

Then with a minimum fee, you can for commercial and resell rights, you can sell your designs and use them in commercial projects without extra fees or restrictions. Then you also get multi-lingual support.

So you can create designs in any language with ease and sell your design to global audiences and multiply your profits. And last but not the least pro is my bonuses worth thousands of dollars, which has some apps that had never given away from this channel.

Make sure to claim them all. All right, now let’s see the cons. I have found the two main cons with this tool. The first one is you can not design anything without internet. You’ll always require an internet connection, like all other similar tools out there in the market.

And the second is maybe once the launch period is over, you need to pay a monthly fee for otherwise. There is any other major con I have found till now. All right, so this is all about design beast. You can try design beast with, I believe 14 days, money back guarantee.

The link is given in the description. However, no pressure, but if you want to pick it up with the best bonus, you can pick this up from my website and I can promise you, you’ll not going to find anything better than my custom video bonuses.

Otherwise, please like my video and subscribe to my channel. If you have questions, leave them below. That’s it guys. I appreciated you have watched so far my designbeast.

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