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In this Flixsterz review and Flixsterz oto link listing, i’m gonna be showing you how you can have your own netflix-like website that you 100 fully control use other people’s, content to create and profit from in the same time and make sure you stay Until the end of this review, as i’m, also going to be walking you through the sales funnel showing you all the different upgrades and otos, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

And if you’re new to my channel, my name is Mike Thomas. I’m, a seven figure, affiliate marketer and i do these reviews every single day to bring you the best online courses and software that you can use in your business and if, at any point during this review, you want to actually take a look At the product, you can just click that link below, and it will take you right over to the page.

Flixsterz Next OTO links:

Front End 1 link (Flixsterz NEXT)
– > Flixsterz Next Front End 1

OTO 1 link (Flixsterz NEXT Ultimate)
– >
Flixsterz Next OTO 1

OTO 2 link (Flixsterz NEXT Ultimate)
– >
Flixsterz Next OTO 2

OTO 3 link (Flixsterz Next Agency 50)
– >
Flixsterz Next OTO 3

Also, if you can like this video and subscribe and hit that bell notification button, i’d, really appreciate it, as it helps out with the youtube algorithm a ton and before we take a look at the sales page, i just wanted to show you Really quick, my special bonuses that i have for you.

If you pick this up through my link, my super special bonus, i’m, going to be giving you is a special training that i’m, going to be doing. I’m, going to show you how to use this to get 100 free traffic and make money from it fast.

Flixsterz Next bonus:

So this bonus is specific for flixsterz and it’s from me and you’re, not going to get from anyone else. If you purchase it through my link, you will get this bonus included. The next bonus is uh pagehat software with resell rights.

You get 50 resale rights for this. Also, you get 45 call to action, videos with agency rights. All these bonuses will be waiting for you right inside of jvzoo after you purchase. Okay, let’s. Take a look at the sales page together.

It says here grow subscribers with each like share or comment with your own streaming service, and you probably have seen things like netflix, disney, apple tv. Probably you have won, maybe two, maybe three of these services already.

I personally pay for netflix. I have Disney plus, and i have uh at the apple tv service as well. I mean there’s, tons of these things out there that people are going crazy for it’s great having the this access to this information, documentaries movies all online.

But what, if you could create your own website like this as well? And instead of giving people videos that are necessarily all like movies and stuff, you could do educational ones about your niche about whatever your your business, you’re in and you can use other people’s content in order to do that And in a legal way, you’re, not like stealing your content, you’re, just putting it all in one place where people can access it and be able to like have a netflix-like experience while they’re watching your Content, so you can see here a lot of these big companies like uh clickfunnels.

They’ve entered the streaming awards here with a thing called funnel flicks, where they ‘ Ve got all the different information on one platform. You can do the same thing you can have all of your own courses on one platform.

Have your own thing: that’s, all about your brand uh! If you live in a specific area, you’re, doing local marketing there’s an upgrade. I’m, going to show you in a little bit where you can actually sell this as a service to people uh.

You could go and create these channels for businesses. You can use them for lead generation. When someone wants to interact with your channel, they need to actually put their email in and join us as a subscriber.

So you can build your your email list like that. Just really cool like unique way of doing this. This is something that i’ve, never seen before social sharing made really easy with it. Video distribution for marketers.

Flixsterz Next review:

All your video data is in one place. You can manage your videos on one platform. You manage your content and your comments in one platform: multi languages, so it doesn’t matter. What language you hear: english, spanish, french, german, dutch, russian, arabic and turkish here eight major languages supported with this uh, your own video plot form with addictive video series in them you can add in whatever you want, whatever exists out there, you can add into a channel And have that all readily available and create something of value for other people and that’s, that’s.

The idea here is to create value. They have navigates like youtube, uh watch in day or or night mode. You don’t have to worry about getting like banned um places like youtube streaming uh the streaming service they’ve got streaming service here that outperforms all these other ones.

Here it has bulk imports, video hacking list, user experience, uh doesn’t have any advertising on the on the videos that’s, taking away from your income uh and and all that as well. So i feel like you were, to try to take videos from youtube and put them on your and put them on like a website.

It would show all the advertising on it from uh from youtube, but with this it doesn’t show that those ads there um it has uh tick. Tock, video, streaming marketing, video streaming affiliate, video streaming guru, video streaming, i mean liberal political video streaming.

You could do something all about the like elections or something i don’t know video roofing streaming real estate streaming. All that whatever you want to do with it. You can create a a streaming account with this, so let me just show you an actual example of this, and this is a mic for main example with my website, so this just uh just gone in here and uploaded my channel into the system, so that’s, that’s.

What you can do, you can add videos and you can add channels in uh you can. You can find like if, of course, uh like your history, your blog posts, your new videos – you have categories here with this and then people can go and and take a look at them.

Let’s. Take a look at this one right here and they can interact with it. They can. They can watch the video here there’s mike here today. I’ll, be doing a profile, mate review inside one thing i want to show you is showing you a new song.

These links here are not clickable, which is kind of which is interesting like in this link. Right here, says, profile, mate review. If i try to click on that, it just place the video and normally that would be a clickable link.

flixsterz next oto

So people aren’t going to be escaping from your website and going off to youtube with this. You can manage your your videos here. Have all the other ones here and people are going to be on your site, interacting and if they want to comment or or interact with anything, they’re going to need to register as well.

You can go in. You can edit the video you can go in here and change. Let’s say you don’t like some of the tags, and it even brings the tags in that’s. Pretty cool uh even brings all that in here you can, you can geo block it, you can change the category of it.

You can change the the text in here as well. All that is completely uh changeable here with that offer here. So that’s, that’s. The front end offer very unique, very different kind of an idea here, something that i haven’t seen before that you can do with your own content.

Now they do have three upgrades here. The first upgrade you’re going to see is the ultimate version. It allows you to upload from aws, vimeo and tick dock in your own videos as well. So it gives you more options with this.

You can manage your videos and update the views and likes so you can make it look like videos have even more views on it so like with my channel here, because it was a it’s a newly created channel. It says it has one view on this video so that doesn’t, look very good, does it so if you want, if you’re worried about that, you want to make it look like it’s a little bit More exciting you can, you can inflate those views as well, so people don’t think that the only people that are actually watching them, you can integrate with your uh, your favorite autoresponder channels and playlists for easy consumptions, built-in interaction and messenger integration.

They’ve, got blog posts that you can do for for rankings for bringing in more traffic from uh from seo. Uh the playlist analytics video manager channels just tons and tons more features here. This is the optional uh upgrade so the next one.

Here up here you’re gonna see, is you can get paid for your streaming service? So what you can do is you can actually add ads into this, so you can put ads over the top of your videos just like how youtube does and be able to get paid for this as well.

You can site premium setting here, so you can have for paid members monetize your video streaming with with ads here and just being able to monetize this as well. You could essentially monetize other people’s, videos with this, the last one.

This is something i’m. Really excited about, is being able to offer this as a service to local businesses and charge them for it. So with this one here you can actually go up there and go to like a local business and let’s say you’ve got like a bakery that’s nearby and they ‘

Ve got a bunch of videos that they put on youtube. Well, you can take or instagram or wherever you can download those videos and put it in it, and you can have it so that you have a platform with all their their videos in it.

That looks really cool like a netflix experience and charge them for this. This is this is the upgrade that i know a lot of people are going to be really excited about this one’s going to sell like crazy.

Flixsterz details

I can already tell you this people are going to are going to like this. It’s a little more expensive, but, as you’re, going to see it’s going to be worth it as the potential income that you can make with this okay.

So what do i like about flixstersz and what don’t i like about fixtures, if i just say something that i don’t like about it um, i guess it’s like you’re, not going To create a site with this and set it up and immediately have a ton of traffic, which is why one of my bonuses is, i’m, going to teach you how to actually get traffic to these sites.

So, just i don’t want you to think that it’s just going to automatically happen there um it’s. It’s, a a platform that was built to create something of value which is really important. If you’re going to create these don’t just go up there and upload a million different channels on to your uh.

To your web, your website here and think that you’re, going to be uh, that’s. What you should do with it like the more contents, the better! No, you want to do niche specific. So what i would do with your flickster’s, account is to create something you could create movie reviews you could do something about plumbing.

You could do something about what dog training the example everyone always gives, but you could do anything that you want with it, but niche down with it and create multiple versions: uh that that’s, where the money is with this.

What do i like about this? I think it’s, a really smart idea. I love the upgrades. I really think you should consider them a lot of times. If you watch my reviews, i tell you that upgrades are optional, which it is with this, but i really think that they ‘

Ve got some cool upgrades here that you should consider. If you do end up picking this up again, you don’t have to get them, but if you want to, you can, but they ‘ Ve got some cool ones, specifically that agency one.

I think that’s, a really cool one and the one where you’re able to monetize the videos that’s, pretty cool as well. Thank you so much for checking out my review today. If you end up wanting to check this out, just click that link below and if you want to be nice, click that like button and the subscribe and notification button as it really helps out with my youtube channel.

I really appreciate you doing that. If you have any questions about anything, you can comment below if you’re watching this on youtube, and i’m, always there to answer any questions that you guys have.

I can go to the to the product creators and ask them any questions that you have so i’m fully available for that. Thank you for watching, and i’ll, see you again in my next review. Video thanks.

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